Presenting… Carboot Disco Bingo!

Carboot Disco Bingo is a collaboration between Megan Clark-Bagnall and Jasmine Loveys. Essentially it’s an extravagant game of bingo incorporating fantastic disco dancing. Cross the numbers off your bingo card as we draw them out of the amazing bingo ball machine, learn the disco dance moves for each number as we go through the game, and win yourselves some fabulous prizes out the back of our car boot.

Part dance lesson, part party, part performance, part bingo. Think Donna Summer meets Henry Ford down the gala! A game for all ages and abilities, Carboot Disco Bingo is about having fun together in the moment.

Carboot Disco Bingo has been to the RSC’s Midsummer Nights Dreaming, Shuffle Festival’s Day of the Mind, Latitude Festival, Shambala Festival, Lollibop Childrens Festival, Darlington’s Festival of Thrift, and many more!


Get in touch with us here at Carboot Disco Bingo! Maybe you fancy having us at your event, or maybe you just want to share your fave CDB moment!

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